Shipwreck Uncovered

  • Booby's Bay
    Booby's Bay
    On a fine spring day
  • SS Carl remains with Trevose Head.

During the spring of 2014, following the winter storms, the shipwreck from the 1914-18 war was uncovered at Booby’s Bay, Trevose Head in North Cornwall. On a bright if blustery day in May, we were able to take these photographs before the sands repossessed the wreck again.

On 10 October 1917, the three masted German sailing ship “Carl” was beached and abandoned in Constantine Bay. The ship had been docked in Wales at the outbreak of the war and been impounded. It was being towed to London by a Royal Navy ship when it broke free during a storm. Efforts to refloat the ship later failed and she was left to the elements. Further details can be found here (external site).