Weather Yesterday



This page shows a summary of the data for the 24 h midnightlocal time
Temperature and humidity
High Temperature17.5 °C
Low Temperature6.3 °C
Average Temperature11.2°C 
Temperature Range11.2°C 
High Apparent Temperature14.3 °C
Low Apparent Temperature4.1 °C
High Heat Index17.5 °C
Low Wind Chill6.3 °C
Maximum dew point7.7 °C
Minimum dew point1.2 °C
High Humidity82%
Low Humidity40%
Rainfall for yesterday0.00 in 
Maximum rain rate0.00 in/hr
High Hourly Rainfall0.00 in
Highest Gust13 mph
Highest Speed (10 minute average)11 mph
Wind bearing360°
Dominant Direction42° NE 
Wind Run112.6 miles 
Beaufort scaleF3Gentle breeze
Pressure (sea level)
High Pressure1022.8 mb
Low Pressure1017.3 mb

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